At Voyager Trailers we also offer assistance with repairs and maintenance, including regalvanising your old boat trailer. We are happy to talk over your options with you.
Repairs - all repairs big or small
Regular Services - Like Cars your Boat Trailers should be well maintained. Wheel Bearings should be  checked annually. Call us on 07 8493158 to book your trailer in.
Re Galvs - While galvanising deters the onset of rust, after a while your trailer may need to be assessed for regalvanising.  We can organise all that for you.
It is not uncommon for the appearance of your galvanised trailer to deteriorate. These signs of decay are the result of an electrolytic action; a chemical reaction of salt residue, moisture and humidity (Refer to our 'Trailer Maintenance Guide' in Tips for advice on prevention and care and Reccomended Products for helpful products).

These areas of corrosion can detract from the overall appearance of both your Boat and Trailer, and if left to degenerate further, can cause structural damage. That's why Voyager Trailers Ltd. offer a service that can revitalise the appearance of your trailer. A Re-galv involves stripping down your trailer totally and renewing your zinc coating.

Our experienced and honest staff will let you know if a total or partial re-galv is necessary, and if it is your best option.
Insurance Quotes - We can work with you and your insurance company for repairs and replacement.

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