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Voyager Trailers now provide a custom build axle service. We recognise that there are many different types of trailers on our roads and there is no such thing as "one size fits all” for trailer axles. While we would like to build every boat trailer in New Zealand we also recognise that there are a huge amount of "DIY” dads out there that like to tinker in their sheds.

Steel Used
The axles that we predominantly manufacture are created from 50mm x 50mm Square Hollow Section (SHS) and vary in wall thickness depending on the required load capacity. For smaller dinghy  we use a 40mm x 40mm SHS.

Voyager can manufacture axles designed for a wide range of load carrying capacities, pricing for custom requirements can be done specific to each application. To assist with the most common applications we have formulated design and price schedules for 1,500 Kg and 2,000 Kg axles. These axles when configured appropriately can accommodate a trailer with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 1,500 Kg and up to 4,000 Kg using tandem 2,000 Kg axles.

Correct Axle Measurement
We only require a few basic measurements to build a custom axle and we have provided a quick and easy method to calculate the correct length axle for your application.

Extra Suspension Parts available
To assist with your build or trailer maintenance requirements, Voyager stock a huge range of axles and suspension parts including;

• Springs: galvanised and dacromet in a wide range of load capacities
• Weld on spring hangers and slipper brackets for standard applications
• Spring fitting kits
• Equalising spring hangers and connecting plates
U Bolts, bolts/nuts and washers
• Brake calipers, pads and hoses both new kits and spare parts
• Adjustable suspension mounts and fitting kits
Wheels (galvanised steel and alloy) with a wide range of tyre fitments
• Hubs, bearings, seals, wheel studs and nuts
• Brake rotors, cast iron and stainless steel
• Guards
Tail lights and clearance lights

If you have a need for a custom build axle  please review the form at the top of page and email your measurements in the form below or direct to or fax to 078493475.  

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