Trailer Brakes
Trailer Brakes


Many people buy boats and find that the trailer does not meet the braking requirements for towing.

This may be due to the weight of the boat being transported, OR more commonly the type of vehicle you are towing the boat with.  Either way it is hugely important that you are towing safely.

We recommend before buying a boat that you check what your vehicle and towbar towing capacitys are.  

If you're concerned about your brakes or if you have an unbraked trailer and you need to have brakes fitted, then we can do that for you.
We deal with Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electric  systems like Hydrastar and Sensabrake.

A key question to ask is whether a non braked trailer has a 'braked' axle. This is an axle that has tabs to fit brakes onto.  If the trailer doesn't have a 'braked' axle and you need to fit brakes, then a new axle is required.  

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For information on NZ Brake Law for Light Trailers please click here

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