Trailer Options

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Aluminium Walkboard
Aluminium Walkboard


Braked Options

Braked Options for trailers A17 up include the following:   Brakes are required on boat trailers where the combined Boat and Trailer weight is over 2000kg.   Over 2500kg...
Traxion S5500 Electric Winch

Power Winch

Aluminium Walkboard - Optional Extra


Your Voyager aluminium walkboard comes in a standard width of 312 mm, and is cut to suit the frame of your trailer, and/or your requirements....
Folding Drawbar

Fold-away Draw Bar

Does your boat fit in your Garage?   Garages in new homes are often shorter than in older homes, so for certain sized trailers we can offer...
Guide Poles with Plastic Covering

Guide Poles for Boat Trailers

Galvinised Guide Poles  Coated with flexi-hose, to provide protection for your boat as loading correction occurs. Our Guide Poles can be made to suit any boat...


It is not uncommon for the appearance of your galvinised trailer to deteriorate. These signs of decay are the result of an electrolytic action; a...

Elite Series

Elite trailer specifications include: Deck Tread Elite Series Graphics Marine operational lubricant on Hubs , and Springs Chrome Dome Wheel Nuts...

CorrosionX Treatment

CORROSION PROTECTION FOR BOAT TRAILERS   For quite some time now we have been trialling various products to extend the life of our boat trailers by protecting...

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