Loading Questions

< back Why is my boat not loading up evenly on the trailer?

Note: The following explanations usually apply to craft without planning strakes.


a) As a general rule trailer boats are heavier on the starboard side. This is due to the steering station; cabling and battery etc. are on the one side.

With a multi roller trailer there is nothing to guide the boat on evenly (no planning strakes). So as a result the boat ends up with the starboard side lower than the port.

b) The trailer may not be sitting level on the ramp.


There are two ways that the above can be rectified:

a) Before loading, move any gear you have in the boat to the port side. For example the chillybin, fish bin, diving gear, and tote tanks.

It may even be of advantage, to leave a crew member on board (port side) when loading.

b) By securing a large piece of closed cell foam (or some other form of flotation) under the starboard side of boarding platform or duckboard. This lifts the transom when loading.

A good check to see if your boat is evenly weighted, is to see how it floats in the water. If it sits level in the water and the trailer is reasonably level on the ramp, the boat should load evenly.

How far do i put the trailer into the water when loading and unloading?

a) This depends, to an extent, on the degree of incline of the boat ramp. As a rule of thumb, the self-centre roller on the trailer should be just under the surface water.

b) If driving the boat on, the trailer will need to be in deeper. This is to prevent damage to the propeller as the boat loads.

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