Axle Measurement Form Axle Measurement Form
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Servicing Schedule Servicing Schedule
We recommend servicing your trailer on a regular basis.

Launch & Retrieve Procedure Launch & Retrieve Procedure
Recommended Procedures for Launching & Retrieving your Boat

Trailer Brakes Information Trailer Brakes Information
NZ Laws regarding Light Trailers

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty Warranty
Click here for Voyager Trailer Warranty Information

How to use CM Coupling

Watch this Youtube clip to see how easy it is to use the CM Multifit coupling...

Securing Guidepoles

SECURING GUIDEPOLES:  When travelling on open roads, we recommend Guidepoles are secured either: A: To each other across the trailer by way of light duty load binder...

Warranty Registration

Enter your details here to Register your new Boat Trailer ...

Launching & Loading

Launching Leave winch safety chain (between boat & trailer) on until you have backed down the ramp, and are ready to launch. Ensure that winch...

Loading Questions

Why is my boat not loading up evenly on the trailer? Note: The following explanations usually apply to craft without planning strakes. Cause: a) As...


Referral for a Voyager A18 Tandem Axle Trailer "I would just like to say thank you to you and your team for the manufacture of our Buccaneer...


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