Gas Cages

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45KG Gas Bottle Cage

Security and Safety for outdoor installations

With Gas Bottles being stored outside the home or bach, the liklihood of them either being stolen or damaged is high. It's important to ensure that your gas bottles are secured and our cage is ideal for that.

Cage stores 2 x 45 Kg LPG cylinders. Lid is ex 16 gauge galvanised sheet steel. There is sufficient room within the cage to install the regulator and through wall connections.

LPG Bottle storage/safety cage is 1500mm high, 1115mm wide and 525mm deep. Mesh is 338 (3inch x 3 inch x 8 Gauge).

Cage is fully Hot Dip galvanised.

Door size is 1385mm high and 1010mm wide. 3mm gap all round between door and frame.

Cage fits flush to any wall and does not have any security mesh on the rear face. Cage can be floor mounted to a concrete pad or wall mounted by fastening the rear frame to the wall.

Cage is lockable with removable door (when unlocked and open). Floor can be in the form of concrete pavers as shown or mounted directly to a concrete pad. Pavers not included in pricing but available at 500mm x 500mm x 50mm thick from Placemakers. Place sand into the bottom of the cage prior to installing pavers

Available for pick up or we can organise freight nationwide.
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Gas Cages

NZ $1,164.83

45KG Gas Bottle Cage Security and Safety for outdoor...

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