With years of experience  building quality boat trailers, we offer a series of different sized boat trailers which we then purpose fit to your particular boat. We also build Custom Boat Trailers

Our Trailers were originally built to deal with heavy boats, hard use and tough conditions.
These needs still apply and over time our trailers have become known as strong, first class trailers.
So now we offer you  two trailer ranges to choose from. Our Voyager  Series and our Voyager Light Series.

Our Voyager Series still gives you the original quality and durability  and our Light Series  aims at lighter weight boats that are not having to endure quite the same tough conditions.


Voyager Trailers

Voyager Boat Trailer Series

Our Elite Range of Custom Trailers built specifically to fit the shape of your boat hull, allowing better fit, easier launch, retrieve, and superior towing. Click...
Voyager Light Trailers

Voyager Light Boat Trailers

The Voyager Light Series are a cost  effective NZ made alternative aimed  at lighter weight boats 14 to 17 foot A14 L ...
Coastal Trailer

Coastal Trailers

We are also Distributors of Coastal Trailers click here to view more ...
Jet Ski Trailer

Voyager JetSki Trailers

Kayak Multi Trailer

Kayak Multi Trailer

$2895.00 incl GST  Ideal for family holidays and events the Multipurpose Kayak Trailer  has Removable Racks to hold 2 kayaks,    Dual Purpose - this trailer allows the Kayak...
Car Transporter Rear

Car Transporter Trailers

Price $9895.00 incl gst This trailer is Wide Body and built to carry newer wider vehicles such as the new; Mustang, Camaro, Ford Ranger and performance...

Voyager Waka Trailers

Waka Trailers We design and make Waka Ama Trailers to suit your club's needs.  These are a few photos to give you an idea of what we...
Aluminium Walkboard

Trailer Options


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